Renewing the Earth
Just what is Catawater-ag?
Developed 35 years ago, Catawater is a true catalytic process resulting in natural bio-degradable products containing trace minerals and a special formulation of organic plant extract concentrates. more
What does Catawater-ag do?
An effective non-hazardous water-based product solution to a broad range of the most difficult challenges in:
  • Environmental remediation
  • Organic agricultural applications
  • High Salt Fields
  • Manure Augmentation
  • Soil Ph balancing

Get More From Every Acre and More From Every Animal.

The key to catawater’s natural catalytic enzymes’ success is that they work in association with micro-organisms in the environment to accelerate natural processes.

Our products can:

  • Eliminate or substantially reduce animal and other biological wastes
  • Enhance the growth of trees, plants and crops
  • Desalinate soils with excessive levels of salts
  • Improve indoor air quality

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